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Post by Admin on Sat Feb 03, 2018 6:13 am

- How do I join? To join message Paul Blart4 that you want to join.
- How do I get into X Division or Elite Division? 1st division is the standard after training, to get into X Division you must be in the clan for at least a week and need to tryout for the division, the tryout is an online casual and you need to get at least 5 by the end of the match, if you fail (with 1 chance) you have to wait 24 hours. Constant failure results in 1 week wait time. To get into Elite Division you must be in for at least 2 weeks and need to complete the tryout, which requires you to get 4 kills in 1 round and 6 kills by the end of the match. Failure results in a 2 day wait and constant failure results in a 2 week wait.
- What is a founder? Founders are the creators of the clan, Paul Blart4, Vigil Jjr, SewingFlipper5.
- Are there any events? Yes, we host gaming events where we either mess around which usually is all of us going recruit or custom games / terrorist hunts.
- Whats with the name? Our name was inspired by our clan gamerpicture, The hamburger eating another hamburger.
- Are members required to use the gamerpicture? In 1st Division you don't need any specific gamerpicture, in X Division you need any of the 3 burger pictures, and in Elite Division you need to have the burger eating a burger picture.
- Does activity affect divisions? If you are off for over a week without an excuse or an LOA (Leave of action {Message a founder that you're taking a break}) you will go down 1 division.
- Can you get kicked? Yes if you violate any rules or are inactive for 2 weeks without an excuse or LOA (the founders will discuss you being kicked/staying)
- Is there any way to join without having rainbow six siege? Yes you can join without Rainbow Six, however, you will NOT be able to get into X Division or Elite Division.
- Is there any way to get into Legendary Division or become a founder? No, Legendary Division is STRICTLY for Founders only.


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